Don’t start another business, start an About Us page instead. Here’s why…

A simple trick to kickstart your next project.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • Why I’m writing this article

Why I’m writing this article

Recently I’ve commited myself to build a strong iOS blockchain-related application to provide value to the cryptocurrency community. It’s called Blockfuture.

I look at my past and realize most projects I’ve built have been for other companies. And the ones I’ve started are pretty much gone.

You see, I get easily distracted by the success stories of others and want to repeat their results only to do a half-assed job and quit working on the project in less than a month.

So I had the realization that sooner or later I’d have to start my own product. My own business. Something tangible that I can provide to the world to create a lasting impact. And I’d have to stick with it for at least a year to have enough time to grow it.

Plus, why not take advantage of the strong iOS app market where more than half of the users are used to spending money monthly on apps? I can take advantage of their organic promotion if I build a good enough product and get some strong initial traction to guarantee a nearly constant stream of users.

A few weeks went by and the app is nearly finished. However I found myself losing the initial direction that set me in motion, the reason behind me building this app in the first place.

I nearly quit the project altogether. Mainly for not having a mission statement and a strong “Why” for weeks. I got stuck.

That’s when I read the excellent Huel’s About Us page and realized that everything that was stopping me from having a clear direction in the first place can be put together in a simple About Us page to explain what I was doing, why and how the different aspects that define my business come together.

This article is me showing you why a strong About Us page is the best business trick you can find since it will define your business for years on end.

Yes, I know business plans are a thing but I never got the motivation to build them in the first place. It always felt like a detached document that I would write once and forget forever, while an About Us page is always present.

You can quickly go back to it and remember why you’re working in your particular business in the first place for those moments of necessity when challenges show up and you have to fight unexpected fires.

Because there’s no stronger motivation that one’s inner desire for completing something. It has to come from within. An About Us page reactivates that fire when you need it the most.

How an About Us page will guide you in your next project better than any book you can read

When it comes to starting a business there aren’t any simple tricks to make one successful while reducing the risk associated with it. There are endless variables like timing, competition and demand. You can’t know them all.

In reality, those that stick with a single business for as long as they can are those that have the best chance at winning.

Unexpected challenges will appear sooner or later so it’s extremely important that you have an inner guide to push you in the right direction in moments of difficulty. That’s exactly what an About Us page will do.

If you take a look at huel’s about us page, you’ll quickly understand how the founder was able to sell 100 million units of his products in 5 short years.

All the important details that made his business successful are there:

  • A strong Why to guide them in times of difficulty as the first and most important question answered

These are key aspects that will determine whether you’re successful or not from the beginning with quite some clarity. A simple page to vastly improve your chances at winning in business.

Now that you understand the huge importance of an About Us page let’s go ahead and see how to create one from scratch. Do this before you start or continue working on your business.

A step-by-step About Us page creation from scratch with my own project: Blockfuture

We’ll use the Huel’s About Us page as our template since it’s one of the best I’ve seen out there from a hugely successful company.

Below each step I’ll include a quote with the content of my own About Us page for the Blockfuture app I’m building. Feel free to replace “Blockfuture” for your own project:

1. Explain in 2 paragraphs what your business is about, the more concise the better: This will allow you to understand what you’re doing and sell your products to other people anytime.

About Blockfuture

Blockfuture is the go-to blockchain application for people to learn about cryptocurrency, trading and the blockchain. It’s main feature is the top 100 timeless cryptocurrency articles for new and existing crypto users.

A simple and clean interface with easy-to-read articles having the perfect font size with a dark mode for night readers.

2. Define your mission statement: The mission statement is the one place where you’ll understand your ultimate goal. What the product or service will do once completed.

Our mission

To provide timeless blockchain education for future generation in order to accelerate crypto adoption and improve societies with decentralized technologies.

3. Create a strong “Why” statement to describe why you started this business and why people should believe you: This is the most important part of your business so take as much time as you need to define a strong reasoning behind your business. You can always go back and improve it.

Why we created Blockfuture and why we believe it’s the future of blockchain education

The blockchain is a new and exciting concept that is here to change the economy as we know it. It has the potential to re-build governments for a fairer future.

However it will take a long while for people to understand why they should care for mainstream adoption to accelerate existing developments.

That’s why we created Blockfuture, to create a single place for timeless articles regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain where new users can be introduced to the wonders of crypto. To speed up crypto adoption.

To replace outdated and unfair economies with decentralized and transparent technologies without middlemen.

Existing members can improve their knowledge to benefit from the decentralized revolution by learning about protocols, projects and even contribute with their own products.

Things change extremely quick in crypto so it’s important to be aware of the most recent news to stay updated and benefit early from new creations. That’s why we have a news section combining the most relevant sources into one.

On the other hand, we believe that in order to truly learn about the blockchain there’s nothing better than timeless, evergreen articles that are relevant anytime, regardless of when the user decides to read them. To get the most value.

That’s why our main feature is the Top 100 Timeless Blockchain articles section.

Habits are essential to build a strong userbase. That’s why our content is updated daily to provide people with the information they need about blockchain whenever they want.

4. Explain when, where and how to use your product: In this section you’ll quickly provide information to introduce people to your product.

When, where and how to use Blockfuture

Whenever you have some free time whether that’s in your office or relaxing after work, open up the app and start reading whatever gets your attention.

At night is a great time to get some education about cryptocurrencies before going to sleep to consolidate learnings further.

Using the app is a simple as opening it up and scrolling through articles until you find the one that interests you the most.

That’s pretty much it. You could add more sections like your business culture, information about the founder and some details about the inner workings of your business to understand what makes you succeed.

Now it’s your turn. Create your business About Us page with the steps mentioned here to bring you out of challenging situations and regain focus when things aren’t working. Here’s a summary of the steps for your reference:

  1. Explain in 2 paragraphs what your business is about, the more concise the better

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