How to use uniswap v2 instead of v3, the simplest way

Merunas Grincalaitis
1 min readFeb 26, 2023


To use uniswap v2 intead of uniswap v3 you must access the IPFS url which is this one:

Some time ago Uniswap allowed you to switch from V3 to V2 right in the website but now they removed that option. So in order to access the V2 uniswap, you must use this link which is simply a copy of uniswap but using V2 contracts for everything:

Alternatively this one works too:

Those are the websites deployed to IPFS so they will continue working forever unchanged.

Adding and removing V2 liquidity

When it comes to managing your liquidity you have to use this link: which will take you to the V2 uniswap pools.

Analytics for uniswap V2

To see the analytics for the V2 pools you must access this website: which will show you all the data for the V2 uniswap. You’ll be able to see the pooled tokens so you know how much is available.

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