Hi guys! as you know I’ve been away from yeld for a while coming back once in a while to check how things were going with the new 3 team setup. During that time I’ve been coding some things I found interesting that will be revealed at the right time.

Many of you may be wondering why I left. The main reason being the fact that I felt like yeld as a project was completed with the release of the staking dapp. Yes, it may sound absurd but my main goal was to release the staking dapp and let people use it. Another issue is that I was running out of ideas, I didn’t really know where to take it from there.

I’ve considered starting new projects but there’s no reason to start all over again when there’s such progress already made on yeld. It’s just a matter of creating great things and sharing them with the existing community. I may start other projects later at some point just like Andre does with his many projects but for now my focus in on yeld.

Now I realize yeld is so much more. There’s a massive potential that must be considered with new developments that can impact the whole defi industry in a positive way. I did some thinking and was able to come up with some great ideas for things to create next in the defi space. More on that later.

The reason I’m writing this article is because I want to announce that I’m back on the project as the founder just like before. The team members have done an amazing job during that time with the funds I gave them, they will continue working as usual however now I’ll be more involved when it comes to developing new things, planning new apps and the likes. I’ll let them take care of the community by posting updates, responding to users’ questions, finding resources and so on.

The yeld protocol has faced several difficulties such as lack of liquidity, sustainability and growth. That’s why I want to fix those things one by one during this year by implementing fees that go to the right users and hiring developers to continue growing at a steady pace.

The first task will be the release of the updated staking dapp. As you know it has been attacked multiple times with the last being a flash loan attack. We figured out the cause and fixed it with extra security however we need to see if the changes are solid with real interactions from users. The beta is live and you can participate in it, more details are available on discord so be sure to check that out here:

How long will I stay at yeld? I can’t possible know. I could end up burning out and abandoning the project at some point forever. Being the leader of any project is very demanding since I’m directly responsible to whatever happens to the project. However I’ll do my best to stay calm to get the job done even if I need a break once in a while. All I’m asking from you is patience and understanding since great developments take time.

Let’s start coding.

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