Proof that apple has the worst security from any modern company

Merunas Grincalaitis
5 min readNov 20, 2022

You thought the largest company in the world had at least one of the best security systems in place? Think again.

Your iPhone is at risk

In a few minutes I’ll show you why apple has the absolute worst security of any modern company… and how to fix it in 1 simple step.

TL;DR: Apple, the company who claims to have the best security is putting every single of your accounts at risk from a 6 digit numeric passcode and doesn’t let you fix it in days, at which point the damage is done.

A few days ago I was assaulted and got my iPhone stolen. They made me write down the passcode to unlock the iPhone. You may wonder, why bother with the passcode, what’s so special about it?

With the passcode they were able to change the password of my Apple ID and remove access from any other devices.

They turned off Find My iPhone which means I wasn’t able to see where the iPhone was located. Defeating the purpose of that entire app in seconds.

In other words, they got access to everything I have in the phone including all the passwords stored in keychain and I had no way to change the password back to track the device.

Let me repeat that: with just the usual 6 digit passcode I use to unlock my phone everytime I use it, they were able to access every password I have stored from every single application I’ve logged in.

Instant access to every social media, banking apps, utilities and so on. A nightmare.

You may wonder, how is that possible? How can a 6 digit passcode you use regularly give you access to every login info you have ever used?

Well, everytime you login into an account such as twitter or instagram from your iPhone it shows you this:

Which basically stores the password into the phone’s keychain. Who doesn’t like to store the password so it’s instantly added the next time you login into that site?

We all do it. We all store passwords into keychain because it seems secure and it is very convenient.

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