Hi guys! as you know I’ve been away from yeld for a while coming back once in a while to check how things were going with the new 3 team setup. During that time I’ve been coding some things I found interesting that will be revealed at the right time.

Many of you may be wondering why I left. The main reason being the fact that I felt like yeld as a project was completed with the release of the staking dapp. Yes, it may sound absurd but my main goal was to release the staking dapp and let people…

A simple trick to kickstart your next project.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • Why I’m writing this article
  • How an About Us page will guide you in your next project better than any book you can read
  • A step-by-step About Us page creation from scratch example with my own project: Blockfuture

Why I’m writing this article

Recently I’ve commited myself to build a strong iOS blockchain-related application to provide value to the cryptocurrency community. It’s called Blockfuture.

I look at my past and realize most projects I’ve built have been for other companies. And the ones I’ve started are pretty much gone.

You see, I…

Welcome to another quick 5 minute guide to understand the compound protocol. If you’re into crypto, chances are you’ve heard about it. That’s great! if not here’s your opportunity to learn what compound is all about.

Compound is simply a tool for people to get money (borrowing) and to give it to others (lending). It’s that simple. Now there are some key aspects that make this project one of the most interesting ones in crypto right now…

It’s the biggest DeFi project. DeFi means Decentralized Finance and it’s a group of new projects focused on bringing traditional finance tools like…

The Maker DAO Protocol is the company behind DAI, the most popular stablecoin ever created. Why is it so popular? Because it’s the most decentralized and transparent currency running on a blockchain. Yes, we have tether, usdc and many others. But non of them are as transparent as DAI.

Let me show you how the currency DAI works.

  • First, you deposit currency as the collateral in the Maker Vault. You can do that at Maker Vaults are smart contracts where you lock your assets to generate DAI.
  • The collateral can be ETH, BAT, USDC or Wrapped BTC (WBTC). …

Ethereum 2.0 is getting closer by the day. We know it will be a massive improvement in the blockchain ecosystem to generate extremely fast transactions and scalability beyond what we already know…

The main aspect of Ethereum 2.0 is that mining will be gone and it will be transformed into staking for validating blocks. Which means users will have to lock down 32 ETH in a smart contract and receive a yearly profit to generate blocks.

But how much can you actually earn by participating in the PoS technology? Truth is, sources say that it will be around 4% to…

This is a constant problem we developers face. How do you deal with the increasing number of bugs while also adding new features on a constant basis in an environment where the time is very limited? This article solves this decade-old question.

There are two main perspectives on that dilemma:

  • Fix all bugs and add new features once everything works properly: You may have tests that check if things are working after all the changes to guarantee that the bugs stay fixed. This approach will slow you down because you’ll spend more time fixing at the expense of new functionality.

Creating desktop applications was something considered hard not that long ago because you had to learn a language specifically for that purpose such as Java or C++. Luckily, now web developers can create excellent desktop applications using tools that convert your javascript code into valid apps. Let’s see how…

Before getting into the content, make sure to check my the ultimate desktop app guide here where you’ll find the expanded edition to this guide with 5 projects and monetization tactics.

Here are the topic that we’ll cover in this tutorial:

  1. Tooling required to create desktop apps.
  2. Setting up your…

The Tree data structure is one of the most common and efficient form of storage to keep data easily accessible in a descending structure that looks like a pyramid. It is used in databases and all sorts of applications so you need to master it if you want to become a better programmer. Plus, it’s one of the most asked data structures in programming interviews.

Besides, it’s Christmas soon and we all know trees are extremely important to keep us breathing that fresh, clean air so why not learn how they work in the computer world?

If you wondered, these…

Everybody is addicted to something and you can’t escape them. Whether that’s television, food, videogames, people, sports… the list goes on and on for the simple reason that we as animals, can be addicted to positive actions. Addictions are rewarding, they feel good and they quickly become a habit. Why?

There are tons of studies done on the stubject that I haven’t read so I’ll give you my honest opinion: addictions happen because they fill a gap in your life. What kind of gap can be addictive?

Simply take a look at all your emotions and you’ll quickly realize how…

How many times do you stop yourself each day to think about stuff? Do you even think during the day? Honestly, I’ve realized that I don’t spend as much time as necessary thinking about the next steps. My routine looks like this:

Wake up -> Cook something quick while thinking for a few minutes about random stuff -> Go to my desk, eat while watching youtube or twitch -> Go to reddit or consume more content -> Repeat

That’s the cycle of death. You get stuck in the consumption cycle the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep…

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